Brickyard Coworking


Brickyard Ashburn is our flagship location for our coworking initiative, developed for new, existing and growing businesses. By keeping our businesses in our local communities, we’re fostering the growing entrepreneurial spirit across all ages, industries, and professions. There’s room for everyone at Brickyard. We created this community to solve a problem. Solopreneurs, startups, teleworkers who need to get out of their house, and small business owners who need affordable office space to grow their business are all people you will find at Brickyard. We offer a beautiful, functional workspace, close to home. Through Brickyard, we aim to enhance our local communities by fostering economic growth and supporting local businesses in reaching their goals. Brickyard offers a variety of membership levels to accommodate the needs of our community.

Take a look around Brickyard for more information on growing your dreams closer to home!